5 Ways To Stay Motivated and See Results

It’s natural to have peaks and valleys during your health and weight loss journey, but it’s important to be able to overcome the toughest days by staying focused. There are are easy behavioral and physical actions you can make to stay motivated and achieve long lasting results.



  • 1. Match your Mood to your Workout!


We all know the feeling of not being in the mood to go to the gym, go for a run…or even just relax!


In these moments, it’s important to slow down, identify what’s weighing you down, and channel those feelings into something positive. It may help to pull out a journal and jot down a few words to describe how you’re feeling. Think about those words and take some time to identify an activity that could help balance out these emotions.


Feeling frazzled? Go to a yoga class and clear your mind! Overwhelmed at work? Go for a hike and release that natural adrenaline. Feeling just plain lethargic? Commit to some kind of movement: light stretches, squats or planks to wake up your body!


The point is, we know that two days are never the same, and it’s hard to feel perfect on any routine. However, we all get moody, don’t let it kick your booty! Stick with it! (☺)) and you will be able to achieve lasting results.



  • 2. Music / Organization


Even though it should be easy to be stay organized, we so often find ourselves starting a workout with a dying phone, outdated playlist, or broken headphones. (UGH!). Having no music can really effect the quality of your concentration and your workout overall.


Make an effort to put your chargers and workout bags somewhere near where you get ready for bed. This should help remind you to have everything ready for your workout the next day. It’s always good to make sure your workout bag has more than everything you need (an extra water bottle…arm band…extra headphones!).


Add a recurring reminder to your calendar to “download new tunes” on a certain day each week. If it ends up being a busy night, change it to a date/time you know you won’t get interrupted. Websites like Pandora and Spotify can be your best friend by delivering you with music variety, without you having to spend the time searching!


  • 3. Planning Ahead


Planning ahead leads to success. Making time for proper grocery shopping, identifying “go-to” workouts in a pinch and having healthy snacks on hand will all help you enormously.


Make it a “date” to visit your favorite neighborhood farmers market with your husband or friends and stock up on fresh produce. Start the morning at a coffee shop and then head to the market to sample fresh fruit and veggies!  Load up your refrigerator so that it’s all you can eat. Enter your zip code at to find farmers markets near you!


Whenever you are planning to eat out, look up the menu online. Using your best judgment by looking up ingredients online, zero in on the lightest sounding dishes. You can always ask what the waiters think when you get there, but deciding to make this smart choice before you dine will leave you feeling lighter and happier post- meal.


Being able to have 1-2 regular “prep” nights per week is ideal for staying on track. Think about the best time each week to have your hands free to do some cooking. Turn on your favorite music or show and enjoy getting organized! It will make the rest of you week SO much easier.


Finally, it’s important to identify 5-10 snacks that are grab-able when you’re having a jam-packed day. Look for high protein, low calorie snacks that will keep you full for longer. For ideas this week, refer to:


  • 4. Fashion


Having workout clothes that fit you and make you feel comfortable is an essential element to remaining motivated! It’s hard to step foot in the gym or go for a run when you hate what you’re wearing. You should invest in clothes that make you feel confident so that you conquer each workout as your best self.


Insider scoop: keep an eye out for my fitness clothing line. My pants will fit you like a glove! Details to come!


  • 5. RECOVERY (rewards)


We live in a “go-go-go world!” with not enough emphasis on rest and recovery.


Recovery is just as important as the act of exercise itself. Your mind and body need to press reset after working so hard.


That being said, rest and recovery days shouldn’t be spent on the couch, but should include light activities such as walking, stretching, swimming or riding a bike. It’s important to move your body in some way and keep your muscles from getting stiff.


In addition to restful activities, think about ways that you can wind down and treat yourself for working so hard. Try to identify non-food rewards that will be good for your soul.


I choose to recover by going to my favorite movie theater. Others might go to the beach at sunset, garden, or allow an hour to watch their favorite guilty pleasure. Think of something you can do that you genuinely enjoy. This release of endorphins will create positive memories and keep you motivated.




At the end of the day, we all have our reasons for wanting to be a “better me,” make a change and ultimately SEE RESULTS! The best way to achieve any goal is to harness your inner strength and make yourself proud. Some days it might feel easier to give up, but why backtrack and give yourself more work? STAY MOTIVATED & STICK.WITH.IT!



Let me know what works for each of you to stay motivated each week! Reach out if you are feeling slugging or unmotivated and I can help you turn it around.