Battling the bulge: 3 secrets to keeping it off!

If you’ve struggled like I have over the years, you may find this useful.

If you’ve ever experienced weight gain, then you’re familiar with the daunting feeling of HOW to lose the weight. Where to start? When to start and how to stick to it. Once you’ve been able to lose weight, the challenge then becomes how to maintain that loss. For many, maintenance is a head-game that can be more challenging than losing the weight itself.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Before committing my life to nutrition and fitness, dieting was the only method I knew to keep my weight down. I was a master of yo-yo diets, fitness fads, or claiming to “eat-less-because-of-stress.” With each diet, I always saw results. Sure, if you commit to losing weight for a specific period of time, you are likely to shed some pounds. What took me years to realize, however, was that the quick fix, short term approach to weight loss would always come back to bite me. The belly bulge would rear its ugly head and I’d be back to the very start: having to lose that 30 pounds again.

This cyclical approach to weight loss fuels feelings of anxiety and depression and almost always becomes an emotional obsession. When asking new clients how much they think about their weight, I often get, “all the time.” This is an all-too-common response, especially among women, as we tend to fixate on weight and talk about it openly. Although not all weight-related conversations are unhealthy, we must realize that we are breeding unhappiness by normalizing these sinkholes of self-deprecation. Negatively obsessing about your weight is an unfortunate way to shave valuable years from your life.

Don’t let the bulge bring you down! The solution here is a habit-changing, self-loving and forgiving approach to weight loss. Here are 3 SECRET WEAPONS that helped me transform my life and the lives of many of my clients.

1. DONT EVER DIET AGAIN. Dieting is a temporary solution that promotes going without—which isn’t sustainable or realistic for anyone. Try smaller amounts of the food you love. Rule # 1. Forbid nothing. Choose wisely and aim for moderation.

TIP: Use a food scale and measuring cups to weigh and measure your food. This is a great way to stay accountable and aware of exactly how much you’re eating. Find one on amazon for $10-$15.

2. Sweat daily in a way that FEELS GOOD to YOU. Find workouts that make you smile and want to repeat. If you find yourself hating your routine, it’s not for you!

TIP: Get creative! Try running stairs in your neighborhood. Try a spin class. Look up the best hikes in your neighborhood. Challenge a friend to tennis.

3. Create a stress management plan to keep your stress under control. Most efforts fail because under stress we tend to go back to old patterns. Prioritize balance, avoid unnecessary commitments and over-booking yourself.

TIP: If you are in the LA-area, check out UCLA MARC center. They offer online mindful classes that teach amazing life skills to cope and conquer the everyday stressors in our lives!

Battling the bulge may not feel easy, but the power to win is within! Follow these steps and commit to daily affirmations to remind yourself that you are BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY and STRONG. I’ve experienced the darkest lows that come with cyclical weight loss and self-deprivation and I’m committed to making sure this doesn’t happen to you (or ever again!).

Let me be your resource. Reach out with your comments, tell me what you are struggling with and I will help you beat the bulge!