Change? Who really wants to? Not me and I bet not you!

Are you tired of chasing “change”? Who really wants to change…? No one. We just want to live happier, healthier and skinnier versions of ourselves. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take the best of who you are and stretch it VS. trying to change too many things including your diet?

It’s time to shut down the diet industry of telling us to “eat this and do that” and start building a plan to be our best everyday by working with whatcha already got! It’s a lot easier than you think and you can let go of the daunting task of needing to change yourself ! How does the diet industry know what’s best for YOU? Do they live in your head or in your life? We all seem to be on the self-improvement journey which can be rewarding but when does it ever really end? When we do we look at ourselves and say, “I’m good enough” just as I am? As a Health coach who’s worked with celebrities and everyone in between over the last 20 years, I’ve heard this…NEVER.

There are over 1500 diets books released every year and GUESS WHAT? People are still failing! Surprised? WHY? Because there are bad diets? Not really. Although there are some radical ones out there, but it’s our approach to diets that is wrong. There’s a reason we are drawn to vanilla instead of chocolate… There’s a reason we make these deeply imbedded choices mindlessly and have particular preferences…but most of us are not dialed into our own unique wiring. This is where the problem lies.

We are too busy following the trend and instead of being the trend. We are consumed with “changing” and trying to adapt to the latest diet trends that may be completely off kilter to who we are. It’s painful. It’s exhausting. It’s a big waste of our time and money. As a Fitness Expert who struggled for many years with my weight, I’ve tried every diet that ever existed and spent every waking effort trying to be “better” than I am, so I’m no stranger to the “change” circuit. But what do I know now that you don’t, that can change your relationship to diets, your health and your body for good? Here’s a hint… Know yourself and prevent your stress.

Remember it’s about taking the best of who you are and stretching it for success.

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