Healthy Hottie Program™


This Healthy Hottie™ lifestyle plan is a 30 day program which decreases fat and increases happiness. It’s all about being happy with the reflection in the mirror.


Product Description

You want and need your life and your body back.

You want to feel energized. You want results – Now!

I get it! You want to be a Happy Healthy Hottie™.

So just how do you do it?

By now we have all encountered many different diets, failed workout routines that are short lived and have lacked results one time or another.

You are not alone.

This Healthy Hottie™ lifestyle plan is a 30 day program which decreases fat and increases happiness – It’s that simple!

Program Benefits:
  • Live one on one personal coaching with me.
  • Quick and effective workouts on the go.
  • Instant access anywhere, anytime.
  • Supportive community of like – minded women.

Since our health affects the way we think, feel and perform, why don’t we take that into account when trying to lose weight?

Instead of committing to lifelong fitness habits, we automatically put restrictions on our food and our minds. Shouldn’t do this, Can’t eat that! Sound familiar?

Being healthy doesn’t just refer to your weight. Being healthy means having habits that allow you to be successful in all aspects of your life. Healthy Hotties™ are never deprived or obsessive.

The Healthy Hottie Program™ is an instant downloadable digital fitness program designed to help ditch the weight and bad habits for good! You can do this program anywhere, any time on your schedule!

Have you ever thought that getting fit could be the key to unlocking your best life?

Here’s what’s included in this transformational 30 day program to becoming a Healthy Hottie™:

  • Instant access any where anytime.
  • Fast and effective workouts which can be done on the go and challenging no matter what your fitness level is.
  • Live one on one of direct email/phone coaching with me your personal coach a.k.a Hottie Transformer. You will get 2 -15 minute live sessions as we map out your very own personal success plan. (This is valued over $100).
  • Action guide. Brings you my most effective “Whole Person Training” methods that I have used to transform the lives of thousands of people including my celebrity clients and my work in the weight loss clinic of doctor of The Biggest Loser. I will be sharing all of my insider tips and uniquely created strategies that have helped so many others STAY fit. This exclusive information can only be found with my private clients.
  • Food guide. Provides the most effective eating tips with my proven techniques that will help you ditch the fat and keep it off for good! Learn the science and gain the understanding of what works best for your individual body. Healthy Hotties™ are never deprived or obsessed.
  • Exclusive membership to the Healthy Hottie Club ™. Stay connected to women all across America who are sharing their tips to live as a happy Healthy Hottie™. With your membership you will get exclusive tips, videos, events, newsletters and automatic entry for all contests with some amazing prizes and so much more!
  • Free lifetime updates to this plan.
  • Special surprise bonuses!

Being a hottie is not exclusive to women. Men are hotties too!

Build your foundation. Discover your best self though you’re most fit self.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • Reason 1: You feel your life is perfect and there’s no room for improvement.
  • Reason 2: You reached every physical goal you’ve ever desired.
  • Reason 3: You live totally stress free.
  • Reason 4: You have no desire to live happier, healthier and stronger.
  • Reason 5: You are uncomfortable with becoming sexier and more confident.

First 100 will be automatically entered into the drawing to win your very own Nike Fuel Band. (Valued at $199) Tracking your progress is just one great tool for success!

Are you READY to transform into the person you’ve always wanted to be? Confident, sexy and strong.

Don’t underestimate the power of physical strength and the feeling of being healthy and strong.

Take exhaustion to exhilaration.

Healthy Hottie™ noun heal•thy hot•tie

Definition: A person on a mission to live life with more freedom and ease; a person who wants to feel hot and look amazing in their own skin; a person who is excited to transform their body by discovering their best self through their most fit self.

Being a Hottie is all about being happy with the reflection in the mirror.

A Healthy Hottie™ is NOT deprived or obsessive.


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