I have been working with Christine for 6 years. I haven't made it more than 6 months with other trainers. She knows her stuff, and she balances her approach with enough motivation and toughness to get results, but enough compassion and humanity to make it practical.

Adam Fogelson

I’ve been working with Christine over the last 3 years and I have lost over 35 lbs and maintained it, quit smoking, modified several old habits and have created a consistent health routine which was nonexistent before her- Christine has this great ability to tune in and meet me where I am that day. She doesn't allow me to use a mood as an excuse and coaches me to meet my obstacles and make the best of each workout. As a large business owner with a super demanding schedule and a father of 5, these are game changers for me- Even though we all step sideways at times, she's always finding new ways to keep me balanced and on track for good health. That's no easy task -I am a fast minded doer! I find myself at various times utilizing all of the tools and insight she has taught me throughout the years to make my health a priority. I always leave our sessions feeling focused, alert and energized. I like the impact this has on the rest of my day. Last year we trained for a race and I placed first in my age category. That was powerful. Thank you Christine for showing me what’s possible-

Robert Keslow

I remember first talking with Christine about my goals. It was daunting for me because I had a lot of weight to lose and I'd never really been successful at keeping a workout program. Christine was very thoughtful listening to all my concerns. She told me that it was definitely doable to lose my extra weight and we'd have a lot fun doing it. I remember thinking 'Fun? Is this woman crazy?' But sure enough once I got a few sessions in, I was doing exercises I never suspected I could and was having a blast. I always looked forward to seeing her even when she demanded I do torturous maneuvers. I'm thankful to Christine for helping me learn what I'm capable of. I only stopped working with her because I moved to San Francisco and I seriously considered moving back so I could see her again!

Ariel Katz