The best new diet trend for 2017 is YOU!

What is the best diet? What is the right diet? Eat this, do that….There are so many diet fads out there, new trends popping everyday, paleo, carbs, no carbs, low fat, full fat… no wonder America is confused and exhausted by dieting and still not successful!

Here are the facts…There are over 1500 diet books released a year, the weight loss industry has said to gross 356 billion this year and the #1 risk factor for early death is obesity and guess what??? America is still failing! Why? Do you think it’s due to a lack of information out there? Do you think we need another diet program?

Could the disconnect be within us? If you’re paying attention to the real trends and current science like I am, it’s all pointing us towards turning inward for optimal health. Increasing our self knowledge, addressing our stress, and “playing” as a form of our physical activity. So why are we still failing? The reason why were failing as a nation is we’re too wrapped up in chasing the trends that we’re forgetting WE are the trend!

We need to stop fooling ourselves. We are chasing diet plans and workout programs based on who we want to be instead of being true to who we authentically are. It’s not entirely our fault…every new diet book out there claims theirs is the “right” way or the “only” way.. and were being treated like robots by being told to “eat this, not that”– and we’re being misguided with claims that we need to radically change everything in our lives in order to be successful and that’s just not true! You don’t need another expert to lie to you. Weight loss and successful dieting is SO much easier than you think. But until we are totally honest with who we are and adjust our approach towards weight loss & diets we will never achieve long term success. Being persistent gets the weight off but being consistent keeps it off.

As you approach 2017 and dare to make another dreadful “resolution” to lose weight, and as you watch another ”new year, new you” tv segment that provides you yet another “new” trend to follow, consider using these tips as a way to reach your very own personal success, not what the weight loss industry wants you to buy- 2017′s biggest health trend is YOU.

How do I know these strategies work? I’ve been there, personally and professionally as a Health & Fitness Expert for the last 15 years, I’ve tried every diet that ever existed. Nothing worked andeverything changed when I learned to embrace who I was by getting by getting brutally honest and then took the best of who I was and built on it to reach success and you can too!

Here are 5 steps to your diet success.

1. Evaluate 5-10 plans. Pick the plan that is closest in alignment with your personality. Ex. If you love chocolate, and you pick a diet that doesn’t allow you to eat chocolate, it’s not practical and you won’t sustain it. Same for counting calories. If counting calories drives you crazy, don’t choose that plan no matter how many people you know who’ve had success on it. They are not YOU. Your only indicator for success is if it feels right to you–Same for workouts. If you choose a workout program that calls for an early morning workout and you’re not a “morning” person, DON’T choose that program! The idea is to align the behaviors of a program to who you are!

2. Dedicate a specific amount of time to diet. Let’s say 30 days, (depending on what type of habits you are trying to build) then give yourself a break from being super strict. What most people forget that diets have 2 real purposes. 1. They are meant to be temporary. 2. They are meant to spark a sustainable change for you! If you chase the fads, cleanses and the radical weight loss plans, you will be a “forever” dieter! Is that what you really want? I’m guessing not!

3. Be honest with yourself. Brutally so! If you love chocolate, you need to stand up and own being a chocaholic. Then create a plan to work with who you are! The road to success begins with being inclusive to all parts of you. Then and only then will you be able to create change. Exclusivity will NEVER last.

4. Get moving. Physical activity breeds confidence, lowers stress and promotes healthy thinking. 3 necessary elements to living your best. Creating a steady workout routine will be your best advocate for change. Why? There are SO many reasons but here are the top 3!

A. Having a routine that you can “go back to” builds confidence. So even in the midst of chaos, having a physical activity routine that you KNOW you can do will be the driving force that keeps you consistent. In high times of stress, do you think your mind will give you the freedom to say “hey, let’s try something new today”? Ha! Wishful thinking! Consistency is the most important element to any health routine.

B. Physical activity is the vessel that keeps your mind and body connected. You are more likely to be cognizant of what you’re eating and make wiser choices with your food when you are exercise often. Most people don’t want to go overboard when they just had a great workout.

C. Workouts promote healthy thinking and healthy behavior. Motivation follows action… Not the other way around! Your mind is where all of your change begins.

5. Value yourself. The truth is’s really hard to change something you don’t value. Spend time reflecting and acknowledging your strengths and your personal “me” time. Redirect you’re mindset to believe that you’re a diamond in the rough and from time to time you just need a little polishing. When you can experience the value, your efforts naturally increase.

Please use this dieters guide as you approach the new year and remember 2017 biggest health trend is YOU! Email me for bookings/questions.