Your Inner Runner

What has your workout done for you? or Should I ask… Do you know what your ‪workouts‬ can do for you? If you say nothing- then you’re doing the wrong moves.

Fitness has the power to change lives because when we realize we have the power to change our body, we believe we have the power to change our circumstances and ultimately our lives. Fitness is a tool to access our inner strengths. Today, I want to tell you about the inner runner that lives inside of me and I’m sure in most of you- It’s that insightful voice in my head that coaches me to expand my window of tolerance for being uncomfortable, it’s the voice that pushes me to keep going when my mind feels like quitting, it’s the voice of reason that proves to me everyday that I am stronger than I think even when I sell myself some other bs and it’s the voice that continues to show up even on my toughest days. That’s what running does for me. Yes, running is bitter sweet because it’s so challenging yet so rewarding. Step by step running helps me grow even when I am not running! It’s a sport that has changed my life.

Ironically, I really disliked it when I was younger because it was “too hard”. Funny how life can take some of your biggest stumbling blocks and turn them into your best stepping stones. Running constantly reveals to me my strengths, particularly the ones that I don’t often pay attention to or take for granted . It also gives me the courage and the will to improve what I choose in every area of my life because I’ve built that capacity everyday to push past when things get hard, just as I do in the run. Do you have a sport that brings out your inner strength? If not, expect more from your workouts. Physical activity is a perfect entry point and a great match to connect your mind and your body for forward momentum in all areas of your life, especially in stressful times. ‪There are many ways to learn life lessons and exercise is one of them. As I look back over the last 15 years of my fitness career, I have been amazed to see how exercise can transform lives way beyond our physical appearance. I encourage you to find a sport or workout that will connect you to YOUR INNER YOU and keep growing. All success begins in the mind. Use fitness as a tool not a title.

In good health,

Coach Christine Lusita